Maestro Chong Reflects upon POSTECH Orchestra
Maestro Chong Reflects upon POSTECH Orchestra
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2011.12.07 23:11
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There was a POSTECH Orchestra concert on Dec 1, 2011 in celebration of POSTECH’s 25th anniversary. The Postech Times had an interview with Maestro Uihwan Chong. Maestro Chong took the position six years ago when he came to organize the POSTECH Orchestra with Professor Jung Ki Kim of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

How did you come to lead POSTECH Orchestra?

This is a question I was asked five years ago. My wife, then, was a professor at POSTECH. Once I came to POSTECH to see one of the POSTECH’s culture programs with my wife. I somehow met Jung Ki Kim, who’s the head of POSTECH Orchestra, and she asked me if I could do this. The first concert was of the 20th anniversary concert, and it continued until now.

What was your expectation of the musical proficiency of Postechians and the reality?

It was around six years ago. I came to see HanUlLim’s concert. At that time, HanUlLim, in my perspective was a student club for fellowship rather than musical performances. There was neither notice for audiences noraudiences. The proficiency was of typical student clubs.

When Prof. Jung Ki Kim first organized the orchestra, she had a vision. The orchestra of Seoul National University is just as proficient as that of the music major. She wanted to form a group as those.

But there were limits. The SNU orchestra has the musical department’s support among others. Moreover, POSTECH has a small number of students. This is a disadvantage. If there are more students in a school, there naturally are more students playing the different instruments with different level. It is able to pick students of proficiency.

But with the vision and supports, the orchestra was well-sustained for the considerable time.

Is there much difference between the orchestra five years ago and now?

Not much. It is because the students rotate with graduation. I hope students graduating from the undergrad school stay and participate in working in labs. The accumulation of techniques and know-how is important. Four years is too short for the sustainable development of a whole.

How did you pick the members?

First students are informally auditioned and conferred with positions.If there are too many candidates for one instrument, some management is needed.However, if there are not many problems, I try to go with the members without leaving anyone behind.

How is the preparation for the 25th anniversary concert going?

The schedules for practices couldn’t possibly be practiced by other orchestras. We met at nine o’clock at night and practiced till 12 on Wednesdays and Sundays. In these days, we met every day, since the concert was ahead. Though there were some sick students, the preparation went pretty well.

What are the plans for the future of the orchestra?

I think POSTECH Orchestra influences the POSTECH culture as a whole. I don’t know how long the orchestra can sustain, but I hope this organization keeps influencing the people who do science and engineering here and make self-satisfaction.