POSTECH Open Library, Seeking Both Academics and Culture
POSTECH Open Library, Seeking Both Academics and Culture
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2011.11.23 18:52
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Tae-Joon Park Digital Library is hosting the 2011 Open Library event under the theme of “Experience Alive Cultural Heritage, Namsan” from Nov. 7 to 20. 

Begun in 2008, the Open Library event is planned to publicize POSTECH and the library to the general public. Unlike previous years, this year’s event is not a single-day event. It presents a photo exhibition (11/7~20) “the smile of the heaven, Namsan presented to the truth seeker’s mind,” which is displayed on the second floor lobby, two special lectures about the history of Silla, followed by the hiking trip to Namsan to observe the history in person. 

The first lecture is delivered by Professor Ko Woon Kee of Hanyang Univ. under the title “Gyeongju Namsan sketched in the history of Three States,” and the second one “Gyeongju Namsan, a World Heritage,” is delivered by the culture guide Son Su Hyeop on Nov. 8 and 11, respectively, at 7:30 P.M in the room 502. A veteran guide himself, lecturer Son guided 80 pre-registered people in the hiking trip to Namsan on Nov. 12. 

Prof. Chan-Ik Park, the dean of the Office of Academic Information Resource, said he “wanted to inculcate a new idea that a library is not just a place to study, but also an open, cultural space.” 

In addition, a display of books related to Gyeongju Namsan (11/7~20), information booth about the new service offered at the library (11/7~20), a rummage sale of magazines and photo cards are also held.