TEDxPostech: Share, Shake, Shape
TEDxPostech: Share, Shake, Shape
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2011.11.23 18:44
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The TEDxPostech event was held in the POSCO International Center on Nov. 5. The theme of the event was ‘Another View of Technology.’ The purpose, as the director Choi Kyoung-min said, was to share the different interpretations and implications of technology from different angles.

The main theme that dominates the TEDxPostech event and future TEDxPostech events as a whole would be ‘Share, Shake, Shape.’ The theme of technology is the beginning of the sequel.

The speakers were as follow: Sona Kwak, a POSTECH professor and an expert in human robot design, Sunggi Baik, the former president of POSTECH, Song Ho-jun, a technology-base creative writer, Ahn Young-il, the representative of Dream Challenge Group and Hyun Jae-ho, the representative of a MOT consulting firm called Technovation Partners.

TEDxPostech was sponsored by POSTECH Advanced Management and Technology Innovation Program and the department of Creative IT Excellence along with other professors who anonymously donated money.