Basic Technology for Stem Cell Research Developed
Basic Technology for Stem Cell Research Developed
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2011.11.02 22:53
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Professor Dong Sung Kim of the Department of Mechanical Engineering developed basic technology of replicating polymeric cell-cultivating substrates in quantity. This is essential for stem cell researches, one of the cores of Biotechnology.

Collaborating with Prof. Soo-Hong Lee of CHA University in charge of observing stem cells, Prof. Kim succeeded in investigating stem cell behaviors on polystyrene substrates with lotus leaf surface structure (LLSS). The result is published in Macromolecular Bioscience, titled ‘Effect of Replicated Polymeric Substrate with Lotus Surface Structure on Adipose-Derived Stem Cell (ASCs) Behaviors’.

POSTECH research team replicated well-known natural structure LLSS on polystyrene substrates using accurate molding skills, different from ordinary flat ones, and on that it observed behaviors of ASCs. As a result, adhesion of stem cells on the surface showed different behaviors. It was concluded that LLSS can enhance differentiation efficiency of cells. This kind of enhancement can improve effective stem cell researches.

Prof. Kim explained, “From this research, through technological development of fabricating substrates of various micro/nano structures, well-organized stem cell researches and, finally, suggestion of the new concept of cell cultivation container are expected.”