[HotnCold] of No. 32
[HotnCold] of No. 32
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2011.11.02 22:49
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As though the weather reflects Postechians’ moods, it was bitterly cold during the never-ending midterm period. When the exams were over, the warmth of the sunshine returned like magic. The trees are boasting their colorful foliage before cold wind will blow from the north.

The registration period for the candidacy of the student union, female student union, and dormitory council presidencies has recently been closed. However, no candidate registered to run for the office during the regular registration period. Only during the extended period, did a sole candidate for each office come forward to run for the office. This calls for more student participation in public services to actually make differences instead of complaining about everything online behind convenient anonymity.

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