Foreign Members Experience Local Culture
Foreign Members Experience Local Culture
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2011.09.28 16:06
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Each year during Korean Thanksgiving, there always are some people who stay and guard the campus when all Korean nationals go back to their home to see their families.

International Relations Office (IRO) invited all international members of POSTECH to a ‘Korean Thanksgiving Dinner’ to first celebrate and experience Korean Thanksgiving altogether and to second provide opportunities for networking. The invitation was organized by International Student and Scholar Service (ISSS).

ISSS arranged a buffet along with the Korean Thanksgiving foods such as songpyeon (rice cake), and organized a Jegi-Chagi (Korean traditional game) Contest.

Along with all, ISSS had some time to introduce the meaning of Korean Thanksgiving.

Estella Kim, the coordinator of the event, said, “The participants looked satisfied. One of the professors expressed how he felt welcomed through the event. ISSS will continuously provide the opportunities to learn more of POSTECH and local issues.”