Library in Need of More English Books
Library in Need of More English Books
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2011.09.28 15:46
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It is not uncommon to see a blonde Caucasian walking around campus or a European student taking a lecture taught by an English-speaking Korean professor. Due to the years of effort to diversify the ethnicity of the campus for the long-term goal of globalization, the number of foreign students and professors has increased.

But are we really ready for the change?

There are only nine non-academic periodicals written in English among 151 non-academic periodicals in total  in Postech’s Digital Library. According to a report from the library, the library bought twice as more Korean books as English books; however, given most of the English books bought are textbooks or science-oriented. The number of culture-base English books would take only a small portion.

Given that the number of resources in question does not live up to POSTECH’s claim to globalization is a big shame for a renowned institute.

Hogil Kim Memorial Hall has a small library which only holds English books; however, the place is for the English education of the school members. Moreover, though there are some books in the hall , they are not the library’s possessions. It is meaningful only if the library owns and distributed material in the name of the library.

The efforts for the globalization will continuously be strengthened and so the number of foreign school members, the teaching staff, students and others will also increase. Though the ratio of material is small, for the closer future, securing a supply of resources written in English is recommended.