POSTECH’s Got Talent
POSTECH’s Got Talent
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2011.09.06 12:57
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It’s not all watching TV and eating Pot Noodles - there’s an art to spending better time.

A concert at Burger King, not impressive. However, what if it’s a student-run solo concert? A reporter of The Postech Times went to the Burger King concert and had an exclusive interview with Jung Doo-yup (CE, ?6), who is brave to have a solo concert, which as far as we know hasn’t been done before at Burger King,  let alone on campus.

How Jung decided to have a solo concert

“I want to stand out,” said Jung. “When I sing at student group Chorus, I’m supposed to harmonize with other members, most of which kills some sort of individuality, but still the most important part when it comes to chorus.” Jung explained the start of his solo concerts at Burger King, when on Aug. 9, on a midsummer day Jung, who has performed over the years from commencement ceremonies to weddings, hit another solo concert. For this time, more than 70 people watched and enjoyed his live performance.

What kind of difficulties have you experienced?

“I had to be involved in every step,” Jung recalls, “including booking a decent place, setting stage lighting and designing promotional materials.” He said the most difficult part of solo shows is booking a place. Previously, although he intended to have a solo concert at the auditorium in the PIRL (POSTECH Information Research Laboratories), the Student Affairs did not allow him to use it. He also said “When it comes to student clubs, there is a club professor who can take the responsibility, but I don’t. On the other hand, it was compatibly easy to borrow the Jigok small stage through the Welfare Facilities.”

For better campus through sharing talent

“I feel Postechians are somewhat indifferent to others,” Jung explained in regards to the reason as to why there are not as many student-oriented performances like at other universities. “If somebody feel ‘I can do it’ by watching my concert, it is a good success for me.” He believes having a concert is a unique experience to relax and escape from academic rigor. As a master of time management, he explained that the way to have solo concerts as well as keep a PCE Graduate Fellowship, which supports 24 million KRW for two years while in the postgraduate study, is to “just add remaining time.”

For the Next Stage

Jung expresses satisfaction in having perfect strangers be able to just stop and watch his show with ease. Jung is planning the next stage outside of the university.“I am addicted to performing. The more I experience the stage, the more I crave the next one.”