[New Presidency] Informal Comments from University Members
[New Presidency] Informal Comments from University Members
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  • 승인 2011.09.06 12:50
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Food in the cafeteria is exceptionally good and rich in nutrition but a vegetarian customer does not have many options. Given that rice is the main course in Korea, I honestly request [for] you to please provide some fried rice without any meat. Later in the day if there is still some rice left it can always be mixed with the rice containing meat. Picking out the meat from the meal is [a] very tedious and unmannerly job but mixing it together is extremely simple and mundane, I guess.

Kapil Gangwar (MSE, Ph.D candidate)

Not only for showing off with some figural criteria in statistics, but for developing the quality of the school internally and ultimately, please lead the whole faculty, staffs and student to be united for a one goal, VISION 2020.

Hwang Yeong-jun (EE, Ph.D candidate)

I hope a system which anybody can work with a sense of ownership not to mention those in the relatively isolated departments.

Seo Jang-won (Staff)

I’m [hoping] there will be more financial support for self-governing student clubs and student activity clubs.

You Tack-geun (EE, ’10)

Unlike other universities, POSTECH provides housing for every student. Naturally, the students’ concerns are mostly focused on eating and sleeping. I hope that the new president would pay more attention to the students’ requests, and make amends accordingly.

Jaejin Lee (CE, Ph.D candidate)

We need to inform many people of the achievement that POSTECH has made because a lot of people in Korea still don’t even know this university exists. Moreover, I hope [the] new president [can] help students not to be stressed out from studying.

Lee Ju-hyeon (CE, ’10)

I hope the school would hire more professors with passion in teaching rather than researching. Also, I hope for more support in student welfare and other activities to make the college life more college-like.

Jang Myung Ik (Life, ’08)

Please promote the benefit of researchers.

Lee Woo-yeol (Researcher)

I’m pretty hopeful [that] the new president will foster POSTECH as much as CALTECH.

Kim Do-hyung(CS, ‘11)

Please make POSTECH’s dream come true to become a world’s top 20 university by 2020.

Choi Eun-young (CE, ‘10)

I saw some students are struggling when they start their major subjects due to the lack of mathematical background. I think freshman math education, especially calculus, should be [strengthened].

Lee Hansol (CE, ‘09)

My expectation from new president is to put weigh on ?NGLISH? We always hear that POSTECH has a bilinqual campus, but in practice we don? see such a campus. When it comes to students of POSTECH, in my opinion, in spite of POSTECH? high level in Korea, English skill of its students, particularly graduate student is poor.

Ali Masoudi (IME, M.S candidate)