[Hot n Cold] of No.28
[Hot n Cold] of No.28
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2011.06.08 01:42
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The 26th POSTECH Math Competition was held on May 28. Only high school students with their principal’s recommendation could participate in the competition. This year, 1494 students came to test their math skills at one of the most prestigious math competitions in Korea. Prize winners will be announced on Jun. 13.

The famous ex-Chair Professor Cheolsoo Ahn (KAIST) became a member of POSTECH’s board of directors on May 19. He had been an outside member of POSCO’s board of directors for six years prior to the latest appointment.


There have been a number of delivered parcel thefts in dormitories. The CCTV installed at the door showed that the theft was committed by a habitual thief, but whether he is a student of POSTECH is unknown. POSTECH urges its students to utilize the unmanned delivery system, which allows students to send and receive parcels after confirming  identity.

The time of the year when students get frustrated with course registration has come back. The registration for summer courses was especially crowded, because several unique humanities courses are open this summer.