What Will You Do This Summer?
What Will You Do This Summer?
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Ways to have an enjoyable vacation in Korea

The summer vacation is coming. Even for really busy graduate students, it is definitely impossible to talk about an enjoyable life without any holidays, especially in summer. Nevertheless, a typical term of a vacation for graduate students is not so long; they are granted only a few days of vacation and it is not enough to visit their home countries.

Then, how can international university members fulfill their holidays? Just escape from Pohang, and head for wonderful places in Korea. The Postech Times offers special recommendations for your enjoyable vacation.

▲ Korean railway route map from Internationalrail.com

Reach all over the country with a Korea Rail (KR) Pass

Compared to globally famous rail passes like the Eurail Pass and the Japan Rail Pass, the KR Pass is not expected to be widely known to all international members, even as its sales volume grows bigger and bigger annually.

Using a KR Pass, foreigners can freely use any kind of train in Korea, only by paying 84,600 KRW per adult for a three-day KR Pass. Moreover, it offers some discounts on money exchange and tourist attractions.

The first advantage that KR Pass can offer customers is its accessibility of rural areas, especially Jeolla-do and Kangwon-do. International members of POSTECH frequently visit Seoul, Busan, and other attractions in Gyeongsang-do, whereas they rarely visit other valuable areas. A trip with a KR Pass provides you with the greatest and cheapest travel plan to those areas.

Furthermore, a train trip all over Korea gives you a chance to try delicious foods in their places of origin, which allow original tastes only to visitors. How about trying bibimbap (white rice topped with vegetables) in Jeonju and chueotang (hot soup made from loach) in Namwon?

Managing a travel plan and utilizing the pass based on its duration, your full understanding of Korea is made possible.

Rail passes for foreigners have been ordinarily sold in overseas travel agencies, but in the case of the KR Pass, it can be purchased online, so international school members can easily apply for it. Visit http://www.korail.com/ and open the English version of the page.