POSTECH’s Debate Competition
POSTECH’s Debate Competition
  • Reporter Kim Jeong-in
  • 승인 2011.05.18 20:53
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▲ The premier honor went to the 'N=MG' team.

The 4th Annual Debate Competition sponsored by the President and supervised by the Leadership Center was held from May 12 to13 at the Hogil Kim Memorial Hall. This contest was held to improve Postechians‘ communication and leadership skills, as well as spirit of teamwork.

This event consisted of two sections, ‘Debate School’ and ‘Debate Contest.’ Debate School was held on May. 6, helping beginners in debating to know what is a debate and how to debate. This year, the selected debate topic ‘Should Korea’s plan for additional nuclear plants be repealed or not.’

Sixteen teams participated in this contest, each having three members, including a maximum of one graduate student. The debate progressed in tournament form. The top scorer was the ‘N=MG’ team, who received 300,000 KRW. Second place was awarded to ‘Debate King Talking,’ receiving 200,000 KRW and the third place was shared by two teams, ‘Sotong’ and ‘Jeongin Myeongryeong’, with a prize of 100,000 KRW for each team. Also, certificates of award and special books were given to winners.

At the end of the contest, Professor Lee Chung-hyung, who was part of the jury of six panelists, said, “If POSTECH would apply a ‘debate culture’ on campus that could be very helpful for developing the catholicity of Postechians  so that they will be future leaders.”

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