New Gymnasium, POSPLEX, Opens in Summer
New Gymnasium, POSPLEX, Opens in Summer
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2011.05.18 20:39
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Usage fee required, but how much?

▲ Projected aerial view of POSPLEX

The POSTECH Sports Multiplex (POSPLEX) is at the peak of construction. In July, finishing construction after one year, the new gymnasium next to the old one is going to have its opening.

Once there was an indoor tennis court at the sight, but due to the low rate of use and necessity of a swimming pool, reconstruction was decided.

POSPLEX, which cost 16 billion KRW, is being built by Seohee Construction. In the three-story building, with a basement floor, there will be a swimming pool composed of six 25m lanes with baths, a fitness club which supports ground for yoga and aerobics, 13 booths for an indoor driving range, and other additional facilities, including a sports shop, a barber shop, and a snack bar.

Lee Su-woo of the Physical Plant Maintenance Team explained its purpose: “The president once suggested replacing the neglected indoor tennis court with a swimming pool, hoping all university members would be able to swim for their own safety. It’s not so big, but it contains many kinds of facilities. I hope that many members will utilize POSPLEX.”

POSPLEX will not be free, because its operation is not up to the school. POSPLEX, funded by the school, will be managed for 20 years by Seohee Construction, who will pay a rental fee for POSPLEX, repaying the principal and interest on construction expense. That is why a usage fee is required; details of the operation policy are in negotiation.

However, the closing of the current fitness club, which will be replaced by a new one, looks a little awkward, meaning  that university members will have to pay for basic physical fitness, which can be regarded as a guaranteed welfare service of the university.

Of course, closing one of the fitness clubs seems plausible; however, this can be a seen as a  problem of guaranteed welfare if the usage fee is too high for our members.

As for advanced sports facilities of other universities, the usage fee of SNU/POSCO Sports Center at Seoul National University (SNU) gives a good example. For monthly free use, the swimming pool and fitness club charges 70,000 KRW to students and 100,000 KRW to other members.

There is a difference between SNU and POSTECH in this issue, in that POSTECH is located in a relatively rural area. For Postechians, who lack other choices for physical training other than the university gymnasium, this looks quite expensive. If the operation policy of POSPLEX is set similar to that of SNU, it would not be expected to enhance the quality of life and welfare of university members. That is why we are looking forward to knowing how the operation policy is settled.