Teacher’s Day in Korea: Day of remembrance and showing respect
Teacher’s Day in Korea: Day of remembrance and showing respect
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
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▲ Appreciation Day event of Chemical Engineering Department in 2010.

May. 15 of every year is Teacher’s Day. Various organizations hold appreciation events for teachers and students visit their old teachers to thank them.

First started on May. 8, 1958, Teacher’s Day began with visits of retired or ailing teachers by the Junior Red Cross members. It was officially legislated in 1982 and May. 15 was chosen as Teacher’s Day as it was the birthday of King Sejong.

To give thanks and commemorate their indebtedness to the teachers, various organizations hold teacher appreciation events such as concerts, and athletic meets, and by rewarding teachers of merit.

The government encourages the students to visit their old teachers and even provide online teacher searching services.
In elementary school, students make and pin carnations on their teachers’ chests. They also each write a letter to their teachers to pay them respect. Older students give small presents to their teachers as well.

College students go back to their old high school teachers, even though it may be a long trip. Postechians also visit their teachers from high school. Sophomore Jeon Eun-jung (Chem) said, “I try to visit my high school teachers every year because I miss them. I just say hello and tell them about my college life.” She visited her teachers last year even though she had to make a trip all the way to Daejeon, which took about three hours by bus.

Here at POSTECH, each department holds a teacher appreciation banquet every year to show their respect. Most of the professors, department officers, graduate students, and undergraduate students gather to enjoy their company and strengthen the unity among them.

Thinking about the teachers, and expressing to them gratitude for their education and care are the duties of students. Daily lives can be quite busy, but how about visiting old teachers and showing your appreciation this year?