Dream Technology, Not a Dream Anymore
Dream Technology, Not a Dream Anymore
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2011.05.04 12:30
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Transparent organic transistor made with graphene

▲ You can bend and see through the transistor.

In sci-fi movies like Minority Report, technologies such as bendable or transparent computer screens are prevalent. These ‘dream’ technologies are not just part of science fiction anymore; using the ‘dream material’ graphene, they will soon become available in the near future.

Professor Kilwon Cho (CE), Prof. KwangSoo Kim (Chem) of POSTECH, and Prof. Byung Hee Hong (Chem) of SungKyunKwan University (SKKU) have successfully manufactured organic thin-film transistors on a plastic board through a joint research. This has a wide range of applications because it is foldable, transparent, and could be used as an electrode.

Introduced on the latest issue of Advanced Materials, the finding is said to be one of the core technologies of information electronics industry that is expected to grow into an almost 600-billion-dollar industry in 2020.

The race to develop organic thin-film transistors has been the focus of the industry for some time now, but has been limited by the transparency and conductivity of the previously considered materials used. Realizing that graphene solves both of these problems with one stone, the POSTECH-SKKU joint research team won the race by being the first to manufacture such a transistor.

A co-author Prof. Cho said, “This research is praised as commercialization of the graphene, which has been in the spotlight since the 2010 Nobel Prize.”

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