Special Lecture by Dr. Cheolsoo Ahn
Special Lecture by Dr. Cheolsoo Ahn
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2011.05.04 12:28
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Dr. Cheolsoo Ahn, the chairman of AhnLab, Inc. and chair professor at KAIST, was invited to deliver a special lecture titled “What is Entrepreneurship?” at the POSCO International Center on Apr. 26.

He individually researched computer vaccine programs while at Seoul National University Hospital, and founded a computer security company after resigning as a professor of SNU.

Dr. Ahn emphasized the mistranslation the words, ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘entrepreneurship.’ While, in Korean, both words are translated as, ‘CEO’ and ‘the spirit which CEOs are supposed to have,’ Dr. Ahn argued that everyone can be an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship should include the meaning of value-creating activities.

At the lecture, an unusually large number of people gathered, counting up to more than 350 POSTECH members.

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