POSTECH Systems Engineering with POSCO
POSTECH Systems Engineering with POSCO
  • Reporter Kim Eun-ji
  • 승인 2011.05.04 12:21
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▲ The matriculation ceremony for POSTECH Systems Engineering was held at the POSCO International Center on Apr. 22.

POSTECH is collaborating with POSCO in culturing core corporate engineers through a newly designed curriculum, POSTECH Systems Engineering (PSE). Launched on Apr. 22 in the POSCO International Center, PSE course aims to train members of POSCO into competent engineers who are able to delineate basic designs and fulfill their duties as leaders.

Although it is a top steel-producing company in the world, POSCO strives to overcome its limitations of being dependent on major cutting-edge facilities and technology from abroad, with the help of this program. PSE was also considered necessary prior to advancing into overseas plant projects, for enhancing engineering competence of POSCO and its affiliates.

In this starting year, 19 employees of POSCO and POSCO family members with working experience of at least 10 years will take 10 foundation courses, 4 requisite courses and carry out a project over one year coordinated by POSTECH faculty and guest instructors.

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