[Been There Done That] Recommended Delights You Must Not Miss
[Been There Done That] Recommended Delights You Must Not Miss
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
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▲ Haeundae beach

Is there any beach in the world located in the downtown of a huge city other than Haeundae in Busan? This 1.8 km seaside becomes crowded with more than a half million people in the summer, enjoying the sea, hot springs, and urban entertainments day and night.

▲ Bokguk (blowfish soup)

Here is a little known fantastic taste of Busan, other than its renowned pork soup with rice. Started almost fifty years ago, Bokguk has been one of the famous meals of Haeundae. Somewhere between a clean and spicy taste, each dish will give an unforgettable impression with an improvement in health.

▲ Dongbaekseom

Standing next to Haeundae Beach, Dongbaekseom Island has been the best trail of citizens. At the outermost side of the island, the whole seaside of Busan can be recognized at a glance. Located on the Dongbaekseom Island, Nurimaru APEC House is now used as a memorial hall for the APEC Summit of 2005.

▲ Sajik baseball stadium

Unfortunately not included in the plan, Busan is still a city of baseball, as the home of the Lotte Giants, the most popular baseball team in Korea. More than a million people passed through the stadium last year. How about watching a baseball game with chicken and beer?

Tips to enjoy Busan

Busan is not far from Pohang. At the intercity bus terminal, buses to Busan depart frequently, and take one and half hours to reach the second most populous city of Korea.

To enter the downtown of Busan from the bus terminal, taking the subway seems best. By using it, every site of Busan is now within our sights, but riding a bus looks not good because of the language problem.

People in Busan use the Gyeongsang-do dialect, characterized by strong accents, which can seem to be angry. However, they are really sincere and enthusiastic. At Seomyon and Nampo-dong, streets are always crowded and travelers and the atmosphere of Busan can be felt.