Gyeongbuk, Appropriate Location for the ISBB
Gyeongbuk, Appropriate Location for the ISBB
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2011.04.13 01:32
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Erudite scholars give positive appraisals at international forum

▲ A panel consisting of experts answering questions during the forum

An international forum for promoting the International Science & Business Belt (ISBB) was held at the POSCO International Center on Mar. 30. Many experts, distinguished guests, and students came together to learn about successful cases of such belts in the world, and discussed plans to fruitfully attract the ISBB to the Gyeongbuk, Ulsan, and Daegu region.

This event began with a congratulatory addresses from prominent figures including President Sunggi Baik and regional officials from Gyeongbuk, Ulsan, Daegu, and Pohang. It was then followed by the presentation from Professor Jae Young Lee of Handong Global University, on the plans and strategy of the ISBB.

After Prof. Lee’s presentation, renowned scholars gave presentations based on successful such belts abroad. The first presentation was “The Role of Research Infrastructures in a Knowledge Driven Society: The CERN Example” by Dr. Sergio Bertolucci, Research Director of CERN. During his presentation he asserted that “it is a good idea to concentrate multiple accelerators all in one region because it could create a synergistic effect of interaction amongst the researchers, even though the nature of the accelerators is different.”

The second presenter, Prof. Peter Fulde, President of APCTP, gave a presentation titled “The Max Planck Society: Its Operation and Plans for the Future.” He explained that “the reason the Max Planck Institute became partners with POSTECH over SNU and KAIST was because of its outstanding scientific environment. Scientific success is guaranteed in such an environment because of numerous competent professors and an accessible location.”

Finally, Prof. Seungjin Whang of Stanford University gave a presentation on “Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.” He pointed out that Gyeongbuk’s East Sea Coast possesses sufficient conditions to become a scientific research park.

The forum concluded with the presenters and other experts answering questions. While they saw possibilities of hosting the ISBB in the Gyeongbuk region, all three scholars also warned that “the ISBB must be formed purely for the purpose of scientific progress and efficiency, not for political interests.”

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