Times Higher Education: POSTECH as a “Rising Star”
Times Higher Education: POSTECH as a “Rising Star”
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2011.04.13 01:29
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▲ The cover page of the digital edition of the article

On Mar. 24, the Times Higher Education (THE) posted an introductory article describing POSTECH as one of the most well-founded and potent higher educational institutions in Korea and Asia. 

The article touches on various topics ranging from the founding of POSTECH as a small-elite school resembling Caltech to the process and key to the giant leap it has had for the last 25 years.

The factors that THE was interested in were very diverse and in-depth, one of which was the globalization plan. In discussion, THE especially focused on the bilingual campus policy. It expressed the belief that the policy will bring a more comfortable environment for researchers and faculty members from international backgrounds.

The well-established cooperation system with industries was another factor that was highlighted. It was said that along with the massive research funds, various opportunities from industry-academy cooperative research would bring strong competitiveness to the institution.

President Sunggi Baik of POSTECH, showing his ambition toward internationalization, said, “The Korean economy is the 13th largest in the world and brands such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG have become household names, so why not a university too? We can lead Korea into a top position in higher education compatible with Korean advancements elsewhere.”

POSTECH, behind the temporary delight and honor, will have to continue strive to position itself in world academic market.

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