What Was Discussed in the Survey?
What Was Discussed in the Survey?
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2011.03.23 20:33
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The Postech Times survey which was available for university members from Mar. 11 to Mar. 15 gave a lot of interesting results. On spreadsheets also typed in English to satisfy our campus bilingualism, some international students generously responded. Especially, well-organized opinions will be delivered to the Welfare Facilities and the souvenir shop for their reference.

One of the interesting features of the survey is the difference of responses from among undergraduates, graduates, and staff members. For the question asking about the experience of buying goods at the souvenir shop, all staff members answered affirmatively, in contrast to 54% of undergraduates and 57% of graduates who answered negatively. In addition, only 43% of staff members had no intention to buy goods, but in the cases of undergraduates and graduates, 55% and 50% of them didn’t want to buy them. From these facts, school staff members seem to be a little friendlier to the souvenirs at POSTECH.

To the question, ‘Which goods do you want to add the shop?’ many people wanted well-designed university T-shirts, because they can be used for presents as well as for our comfortable wear. Some people chose POSTECH baseball jackets for the  cold weather and others wanted some kinds of accessories to show their identity. Many people selected writing supplies, but there is already a shop which sells such goods.

The opinion of international students could also be captured from the English answers. They usually wanted T-shirts too, and they also wanted Korean traditional items. The small number of products and high price were also subjects of criticism.

Among the overall critical messages, what could be found as hopeful was the interest and attention of our university members. Surely this will make for a better and more convenient souvenir shop of POSTECH.