POSTECH Turned into a White Canvas
POSTECH Turned into a White Canvas
  • reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2011.02.11 23:18
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▲ Snowy Scene courtesy of POSTECH Information Technology Services

The blizzard that struck Pohang in the first week of January left nature’s work of art on the POSTECH campus. Record breaking snowfall made people frown in frustration because they had to shovel off the snow covering the roads. However, Postechians seemed to be making the best of the situation.
The next day there were countless brilliant snow sculptures around campus: from classic snowmen to one-of-a-kind snowmen with funny items such as a monitor or a broomstick, igloos, snow castles, Great Walls of 78 Stairs, and everyone’s favorite, 78 Stairs sleigh slope.

▲ Igloo and the 78 Stairs Sleigh Slope - courtesy of Doopyo Lee (PHYS, Ph. D candidate)
▲ Cheomseongdae - courtesy of Ultrafast Dynamics Lab









The Postech Times compiled a few pictures of the brilliant creations and the campus covered in snow, courtesy of the POSTECH community.