2010 Open Library, Meeting Culture
2010 Open Library, Meeting Culture
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2010.11.17 17:53
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▲ The second floor of the POSTECH library where cultural exhibition, tea tasting party, was held

The POSTECH library held the ‘2010 Open Library, Meeting Culture’ event on Nov. 10, which was planned to export the familiar image of POSTECH to citizens. Its significance lied in the fact that it showed the role of a library as a place of cultural exhibition as well as a traditional information getting area.

Events included introducing the Mobile Library, a Korean traditional fusion concert “古,GO,告”, and an auction for secondhand books. Also, Pohang Daryewon hosted a traditional tea tasting party at the 2nd floor of library.

Speaking of the events, Choi Kwi Suk, the team leader of library, said, “We hope that local people get the image of library as a place to get various knowledge freely and enjoy cultural events.”