The 2nd Career Education Program for Female Students
The 2nd Career Education Program for Female Students
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2010.11.17 17:41
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▲ The 2nd Wmoan's Student Career Education Program with special female lecturers, POSTECH professors and alumnae

“It is a disappointing result that the students do not have a relationship with professors whom they turn to for help,” said Prof. Kim Jung Ki (Division of Humanities and Social Sciences). Mentioning the recent survey results, Prof. Kim emphasized the importance of relationships between professors and students at the Nov. 6 luncheon party of the 2nd career education program for female students. According to the survey, most POSTECH students do not have a relationship with any professor whom they can turn to for help.

The Women’s Students’ Council, WISE (Women In Science and Engineering) of Ehwa Womans University, and the POSTECH Leadership Center co-organized the 2nd Women’s Student Career Education Program. This program was held in order to help female students find their mentors, who can guide and nurture their career quests. The two-day program consisted of an economics lecture by Jin Hong Kim, a deputy general manager of the Bank of Korea, and three other lectures on sociology, human relationships, and law. Especially, on the second day of the program, a luncheon party with POSTECH female professors and a tea party with alumnae who have already walked down their career paths were held.

The leader of the Women’s Students’ Council expressed the purpose of this program was to address the fact that many female students have difficulties in finding mentors to whom they can ask about career problems, marriage, and child care. This program was organized to create links between mentors and mentees.

At the luncheon party, students had free time to ask the secret to becoming global female leaders, maximizing their strong points and designing their career plans. “It is important to know professors whom you can trust on and depend on as mentors,” said Prof. Kim. “At the planning for the college life course, I gave homework to students to visit their academic advisor’s office.” She added, “Many students feel tense around professors, but once they can visit the office, the next time it isn’t as fearful as before.” She concluded, “Be close to your professors; if you get close, they are willing to help you.”