Campus Sightseeing
Campus Sightseeing
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2010.11.03 21:50
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It’s the time of the year when you feel like going outside to enjoy seeing the falling of the leaves and time in solitude. People say that the season of autumn no longer exists, but the feeling and the mood always return in this time of the year. However, such a time-demanding school schedule often keeps Postechians from going out of town for air. So when you feel restless or need a break from studying, it would be a good idea to check out these places around the school campus, and relieve your stress. Only the prettiest spots on campus are captured so they would be especially good for spending time with your girlfriend or boyfriend.


POSCO Future Creation Academy

The first stop is the POSCO Future Creation Academy located right across the street from the gymnasium. Technically, this is not part of the POSTECH campus, but it is affiliated to it and is very close. Arching trees cover up the sky along the sidewalk, and it’s a good long walk to have a conversation or be absorbed in contemplation.


Administration Building

The next spot to check it out is up the 108 stairs to the administration building. This pathway leads to the POSTECH Information Research Laboratories, facing Nobel Hill. But I suggest you take the elevators in the library instead of walking up the stairs.


Yard-Outside the Library

If you are a bookworm, you should go to the library. But if you want to enjoy reading and the nature at the same time, check out the yard right next to it. You could check out a book and read it on a bench outside.


College Road

Finally, right in the heart of rigorous learning, there stretches a pretty back street from the Nobel Hill to the turf field. It feels a little out of place for such a nice walkway to exist right by headache-causing classrooms. If you need a break from your research, you could rest your mind by walking along this path.


Posville Playgrounds

Some might say it is childish, but you can never be too old to visit a playground. The playground next to Posville, the apartments for the researchers has pretty willow trees and a relaxing scene. You could even go back to your childhood and hop on a swing.