Paik’s Teletopia in Pohang
Paik’s Teletopia in Pohang
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2010.11.03 21:47
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▲ At bottom is the piece that is considered as the harmony of Asian philosophy and Western technology

Pohang Museum of Steel Art (POMA) and the City of  Pohang invited an exhibition of 150 pieces of Nam June Paik, the renowned media artist. The exhibition began from Sep. 9 and will continue until Nov. 21.

The title and the theme of the exhibition is Teletopia. Teletopia is a combined word of ‘tele-’, meaning ‘far’ in Greek, and ‘-topia’, meaning an ideal society. Teletopia is basically an ideal society encompasing the harmony of nature, mankind and technology. Expert Lee Gyung Wha said, “Teletopia reflects the vision and philosophy of Paik who wanted to produce the new aesthetic concept through the interaction of artificiality and nature.”

The exhibition is spread through two floors. The exhibition officially begins from the second floor with the smaller pieces. From the earliest entrance to Teletopia, you will experience a stunning feast of the icebreaking sounds and videos from tens of screens from every direction.

Nam June Paik is often regarded as one of the only Asian artists who represented the 20th century modern art along with such well-knowns as Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp.

Paik’s exhibition is most usually held in Seoul or overseas. This exhibition in POMA is unusual for people in Pohang to be able to see. Moreover the personal collages of Paik are first to be publicized. You do not want to miss this opportunity.

▲ The way to the museum is to take bus 105 in front of the East gate of the campus and get out from the bus when you arrive Pohang Museum of Steel Art. After a short walk by the beautiful park, you will get to the museum in the picture.

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