ENP’s Ambition of Pan-Postechian “Entrepreneurization”
ENP’s Ambition of Pan-Postechian “Entrepreneurization”
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2010.09.22 01:26
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ENP (Entrepreneurs’ Network of POSTECH) is a student body organization with the ultimate vision of all its members becoming entrepreneurs of their own dreams through the three sub-visions of innovation, action and networking.

“Innovation” stands for the development of the insight to approach extant problems with the perspective of creative destruction through study of actual business practices of innovation and ongoing trends in the fields. “Action” represents the development of decision-making skills through actual experience. Last, “networking” promises itself to promote the future collaboration of entrepreneurs from POSTECH.

For the few last years, ENP has invited dozens of successful business leaders to the school to give lectures to inspire Postechians toward entrepreneurship.

For the second semester, ENP has prepared three lectures on entrepreneurship from successful business leaders. One was from Sejung Park, CEO of the Pan Asia Media Group, on Friday, Sep 10. The next will be performed by Jung-Min Seo, CEO of Vaimi, on Oct.29. The last will be by Young Goh, the representative of the Social Consulting Group and a partner of Deloitte. All lectures were coordinated by Sung-Gwang Jin (IME 10).
The first lecture held on Sep.10 had a full audience.



The First ENP Lecture of This Semester

On Friday of Sep.10, Sejung Park, CEO of the Pan Asia Media Group, delivered a lecture on the requirements to be a successful entrepreneur, and on his past life experiences, mostly in Japan.

In introducing and explaining the requirements of successful entrepreneurs, he used his own examples of success and failures. As one of the examples to teach that we, as young minds, are free to take on challenges due to our youth, he told the audience his story that when he departed to Japan without much knowledge of the country but with only vigor and passion. There, he had to face difficult tasks and challenges that taught him lessons.
In summary, according to Park, what successful leaders need are the courage to discard, multi-perspective thinking, emotional and quantitative analytical skills, a gut with no fear of failure, communication skills, and modesty.

The lecture was intriguing with the speaker’s sense of humor and real-life lessons that only an experienced entrepreneur could be aware of. The next two lectures will soon follow. To the aspiring students who came and listened, Sung-Gwang Jin, the coordinator of ENP lectures, said, “Entrepreneurship is not the value that is necessary exclusively for entrepreneurs. It is the spirit that each of us needs to best perform in his or her position, whatever one does.”

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