POSTECH Seizes Science War Flag
POSTECH Seizes Science War Flag
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The long-awaited KAIST-POSTECH Science War ended with POSTECH’s full-blown domination. South Korea’s two finest technology schools went head to head at POSTECH on Sep.17-18 for the 9th Science War. This victory is especially meaningful for more than one reason. After POSTECH’s victory, the record is now 4:4; POSTECH gets to keep the flag because they have been victorious for three Science Wars in a row. The athletes had been honing their skills for two years due to last year’s abrupt cancellation.

▲ The team Kaiser grasped victory at last. Photo by Baegeun Kim

POSTECH was expected to win traditionally strong events such as hacking, but they proved to be potent in almost every event. Even the Artificial Intelligence Contest was very close; nobody could predict the winner until the very last set. As if the ‘fighting’ spirit of athletes was transmitted to the spectators, both schools’ cheerleading teams and supporters never ceased rooting for their respective sides.


▲ A member of POSTECH hacking team which gave POSTECH the first win

Off stage, however, the students of both schools forgot about the ‘war’ and enjoyed the time to mingle with each other. Especially on the first night, there was a beer party outside the gymnasium. Many clubs also had a chance to interchange in various forms such as a dance battle, performances, and seminars. Special guests were invited to boost the celebrating atmosphere as icing on a cake. Very famous Starcraft commentator Kim Tae-Hyung, better known as ‘Kim Carrie,’ came to give commentary. At the conclusion of the Science War, the punk rock band No Brain came for a concert. Both were welcomed by exceptionally heated cheers for guy celebrities.

▲ POSTECH and KAIST supporters dancing with joy during the closing ceremony

Now that POSTECH has the permanent possession of the flag, KAIST will host next year’s Science War with a new flag. If things continue, POSTECH will dominate for many more years.

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