[Bilingual Campus from Probing Eyes] Little Changes Add Up to General Impression of POSTECH
[Bilingual Campus from Probing Eyes] Little Changes Add Up to General Impression of POSTECH
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2010.09.01 16:09
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A full semester has passed since President Sunggi Baik officially declared the Bilingual Campus. But what has changed for foreign students? We’d like to spotlight their experiences resulting from the language barrier.

During the summer semester, The  Postech Times reporter was on his way back to his dorm from the Student Center around 9:30 p.m. As he was passing by the ATMs, two Indian men were discussing something looking very concerned. The guys grabbed the reporter and asked for help.

One of them explained with a strong Indian accent that his ATM card got stuck in the machine. He looked impatient because it was almost the time for the ATMs to shut down. The reporter first took a look at the machine, but the screen went blank. Using the customer service phone, he asked the operator for help with the situation. It was a very easy fix; they quickly dispatched a security person on a motorcycle and he arrived within 15 minutes. With a quick ID check, he got his card back. This simple task could not be done by the Indians because of the language barrier.

Of course the school does not hold any responsibility to provide English service for ATMs, but these little things accumulate to the general impression of POSTECH. With the rapidly increasing number of visiting foreigners to campus, English service is imperative for things like ATMs which are very often used by foreigners.

The intention of POSTECH’s effort to implement English in lectures, seminars, and administration documents is plausible indeed. However, POSTECH should also make sure that small, daily activities such as using an ATM do not go overlooked. Just like the old proverb, ‘Many drops made a shower,’ these small, yet positive amendments will add up to a better impression of POSTECH overall.

Reporter Jung Han-kyu