Turn “On” Your Hidden Passion!
Turn “On” Your Hidden Passion!
  • Reporter Shin Jae-kwang
  • 승인 2010.05.19 13:26
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2010 Greeting the Sunrise Festival

The 2010 POSTECH Spring Festival was held from May 13 to 14. The festival included an event on the eve of the opening and was considered successful and to have surpassed the previous one in both quantity and quality. This year’s festival motto was “on” which means “continuing” in English and “everyone” or “whole” in Korean, meaning that during the time of the festival everyone should “switch on” and enjoy the festival with passion and strength.

The festival was divided into three parts, the eve’s event, the first day, and the second day. The eve’s event included the opening announcement and words of encouragement by President Sunggi Baik followed by the performances of several departments and several student clubs. The night was highlighted by numerous pubs opened by the sophomore students of ten POSTECH departments which went on through to the first day and the I-pub, a pub run by foreign exchange students at POSTECH.

On the following day, all the heat was washed away by a water war titled “Jin Sam Guk Mul Sam”. The festive air went on all afternoon and to the night, with a 78 Quiz and performances of departments, which this year were divided into two days. The performance of school clubs such as singing clubs, Voces and P-Funk, followed and then the club Dobal, a martial arts club which gave a unique performance.

On the last day “the water drawing competition” was held to drive off the heat of everyone watching. Also a unique burger eating contest by Kraze Burger to see who could eat the burger fastest was held to entertain the crowd. In the night the performance of POSTECH rock bands took place along with many booths that were run by numerous clubs and organizations to round off the remaining end of the festival.

One of the highlights of this year’s festival was “POSKING,” a talent show of Postechians. Many Postechians, both alone and in teams, participated in the event to show off their talent in front of the crowd. However the highlight of the whole festival may have been the performance of IU, a rising Korean solo singer. A huge crowd of people gathered to see her performance in which she decorated the end of the festival with several of her songs.

The festival is said to have been a success with more participation compared to last year. Many Postechians expressed their satisfaction about this year’s festival and hoped that next year’s festival would be as fun and successful as this year’s.