POSTECH Invests Highest on Undergraduates
POSTECH Invests Highest on Undergraduates
  • Reporter Lee Sang-min
  • 승인 2010.05.05 14:43
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Whereas its tuition is lower than average

From an investigation conducted by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and the Korean Educational Development Institute, the high financial investment of POSTECH on its undergraduate students was proved. The investigation revealed the data of Korean universities, focusing on tuition fees and their increments, educational investment per each student, and lecturer’s fees, which can be viewed online (

▲ Annual educational investment per student. POSTECH was ranked at the first among universities in Korea.
The annual educational investment per student at POSTECH, which can estimate the academic environment for students, was 63.7 million KRW. It is over six times that of the average of Korean universities, 9.8 million KRW, and over 20 times that of the lowest among universities, 3.1 million.

In spite of this highest investment, the tuition fee at POSTECH is only 5.4 million KRW, lower than the average of Korean universities, 6.8 million KRW. In the case of science and technology departments, the average of science departments is 6.7 million KRW and that of technology departments is 7.4 million KRW.

In conclusion, POSTECH supplies the education of best quality as it claims. It is expected that students develop much more than others in the future based on this sufficient support.