The POSTECH Orchestra, New Page of POSTECH Culture
The POSTECH Orchestra, New Page of POSTECH Culture
  • Reporter Shin Jae-kwang
  • 승인 2010.04.14 14:13
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▲ The POSTECH Orchestra's fourth periodical concert held on Mar. 25.
The POSTECH Orchestra, first established in February of 2006, had as its purpose the building of a culture unique to POSTECH, which would mix together music and science and also provide an extracurricular cultural element for POSTECH members. The POSTECH Orchestra gave a successful concert at POSTECH’s 20th anniversary, only one and a half years after its foundation. The concert that they gave on March 25th was their fourth periodical concert after 2007’s first concert in the POSTECH cultural program.

Even though it has been only four years since its foundation, the POSTECH Orchestra is building a firm base at here at POSTECH with its members’ skills and understanding of the music ever growing. The POSTECH Orchestra gives a periodical concert every Spring in the POSTECH Cultural Program, a concert at the graduation ceremony, and several other smaller events. Also in 2009, the POSTECH Orchestra got closer with their audience by having a lunch time concert titled ‘The Chamber Music Concert’ on the first floor hall of the POSCO International Center.

The POSTECH Orchestra originated from POSTECH’s classic music club Han Ul Rim, which was founded in 1989. Most of the POSTECH Orchestra members are members of Han Ul Rim, but there are also graduate students, professors, and staff members who contribute to the true POSTECH Orchestra, as all the members of POSTECH can take part in the orchestra. However, as POSTECH is a university of science and technology and the number of the students is so small compared to other universities, there has been some hardship in organizing and maintaining the orchestra with only the members of POSTECH. So, for some instruments that are not played often by amateurs, players are invited from the local orchestra as honorary members of the POSTECH Orchestra.

This year’s periodical concert consisted of two parts. The first part was comprised of F. Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture in B minor, op.26, which is also known as Fingal’s Cave, and E. H. Grieg’s Aus Holbergs Zeit in G Major, op. 40. The second part was Mendelssohn’s Symphonie Nr. 4 Italienische in A major, op. 90.

The conductor of the POSTECH Orchestra is Mr. Jeong Euihwan, who has been conducting the POSTECH Orchestra since 2006. He stated back in 2006 that it would be his goal to create a proper orchestra and contribute to the development of the culture of POSTECH, both of which he has managed to complete successfully.

There have been many voices of compliment from audiences, including students and outsiders who said that the concerts were terrific and hoped the concerts would continue annually.

One of the members of the orchestra who participated in the concert said, “Although we are not students majoring in music, all the members are doing everything they can to express their passion as amateurs. It has been a great experience of pleasure playing the instrument with others and listening to all sorts of sounds coming together as one great harmony.”