Three-year Intensive Globalization Plan Started
Three-year Intensive Globalization Plan Started
  • Reporter Ahn Joon-hyung
  • 승인 2010.03.03 23:56
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First step to achieve ‘Vision 2020’… World Top 50 by 2013

POSTECH has announced its ‘Three-year Globalization Plan (2010~2012)’ and will focus on globalization to become a world top 50 university by 2013.

Overall, 150 billion won will be invested for the plan, which includes the following: 1. securing excellent human resources, such as world top class professors who have won the Nobel Prize or Fields Medal (85.8 billion won), 2. building an international joint research base by attracting overseas world class laboratories and constructing a fusion research center (60 billion won), 3. making a global environment by establishing a bilingual campus and by offering International Scholars & Students Services (ISSS) for foreigners (2 billion won).

▲ Three-year intensive globalization plan
Among these, the main part is to scout for world top class professors. POSTECH has a plan to improve the university’s education and research ability rapidly in a short period of time by scouting 24 star scholars, including world top journal fellows as full-time or part-time faculty members, and by inviting 60 scholars for short-term programs.

POSTECH is also expecting to obtain good results in future principal research fields through the revitalization of joint research with world class laboratories, and will attract laboratories like RIKEN in Japan and MPI in Germany. In addition, POSTECH will put forward expenses amounting to about 50 billion won for the construction of a fusion research center for the purpose of using it as a base for fusion research.

POSTECH is also launching a ‘bilingual campus’ which encourages the use of English along with Korean on campus from lectures to administration, in order to make foreigners not to feel inconvenient in their campus life.

POSTECH plans to combine the globalization plan with existing strategic business to maximize synergistic effects. Through all these measures, POSTECH is expecting to both achieve Vision 2020, which aims to place the university among the world’s top 20 by 2020, and to build an international research-oriented university hub.

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