2010 TJ Park Fellowship Conferred
2010 TJ Park Fellowship Conferred
  • Reporter Ahn Joon-hyung
  • 승인 2010.03.03 23:50
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POSTECH awarded the TJ Park Graduate Fellowship and Postdoctoral Fellowship, which was established for reinforcement of the university’s research capability and for fostering of up-and-coming research human resources, to 22 selected people on Feb. 16.

The 2010 TJ Park Graduate Fellowship awardees were 19, including Cook Woo-hyun, a ready-to-be graduate student in the combined master’s and doctorate program from Department of Mathematics, and Postdoctoral Fellowship awardees were 3, including Lee Sang-hyun, a postdoctoral researcher from the Division of Mechanical Engineering for Emerging Technology.

The TJ Park Graduate Fellowship was established in 2008 to encourage outstanding individuals to take up careers in the science and technology fields, and offers the selected graduate students a maximum of 25 million won a year for three years. This is the highest in the country among self-ordained scholarships by a university.

POSTECH also established the TJ Park Postdoctoral Fellowship for the discovery of new young research talents and the encouragement of creative research activities. This provides postdoctoral researchers with 20 million won a year for two years as an extra grant.

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