POSTECH Science Festival with Global Companies
POSTECH Science Festival with Global Companies
  • Reporter Shin Jae-kwang
  • 승인 2009.12.09 16:08
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▲ Recruitment consultation of global companies
Last Nov. 24 to 25, the POSTECH Science Festival with Global Companies was held in the POSCO International Center at POSTECH with 20 international companies present. Many members of POSTECH, including undergraduate and graduate students, participated in the festival. During the two days that the festival was held it hosted several events;  special lectures by CEOs, job consultation, presentations of the Undergraduate Research Program, and PR of global companies.

Fourteen renowned companies in and out of Korea, such as Samsung, LG, POSCO, Deloitte Consulting, and DOOSAN, participated in the Festival. The companies set up booths in the POSCO International Center and gave brief presentations about their companies and information on the companies’ recruitment plans to the undergraduate and graduate students who came to see the festival. Some companies even had on the spot recruiting which gave excitement to participants.

The Science Festival was held to achieve four goals. The first of the goals, the Undergraduate Research Program, is a program that enables undergraduate students to have an opportunity to practice their ideas. Second is the job interview with global companies, which is to give students a chance to consider their carriers. Third, basic training related to employment was offered for students to get to know what kind of qualities are needed to be successful in becoming a member of a global company. Finally, firsthand experience in global companies was provided, which will be most helpful in upgrading the participants’ techniques in dealing with situations that are to come.

The festival also included cultural performances to provide more fun. The performance included a stage by the Korean classical fusion musical group ‘Hey Ya’ and the electric string quartet ‘Bellatrix’.

Even though this year’s POSTECH Science Festival was only the beginning, it is expected to help those who wish to enter global companies. It is the goal of this festival to have global companies participate in the festival on their own accord in several years.

President Sunggi Baek said, “Even though the POSTECH Science Festival is only a year old, it will be an opportunity for students to think seriously about their carriers. Also through this festival we expect to establish a firmer human resource network. We hope to strengthen our bond with global companies and to share a common interest in raising talented people in the scientific area.”

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