Hyun-a Team Wins the FA Cup
Hyun-a Team Wins the FA Cup
  • Reporter Shin Jae-kwang
  • 승인 2009.12.09 16:06
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A festival for soccer lovers
▲ Hyun-a and RIST before the final
The final match of the POSTECH FA Cup was held on Nov. 24 in the POSTECH Sports Field. The final match between the Hyun-a team and RIST ended in victory of Hyun-a who scored 2 goals. The game ended in 2 to 0.

FA Cup is a soccer tournament that is hosted by the POSTECH Soccer Club ELEVEN. The FA cup is in its first year. Any member of POSTECH is allowed to join the tournament. Fifteen teams participated in this year’s event, with a variety of teams from different parts of POSTECH, among them RIST, the POSTECH FC (POSTECH Staff Team) and PIFC (POSTECH International Football Club), which made it to the quarter finals but lost against Hyun-a.

The head organizer of the FA Cup expressed his relief and joy at successfully ending an event like this and said that it would be better if it would be held annually. A crowd of people gathered to celebrate the victory of Hyun-a. One of the participants of the FA Cup said, “The fact that all the members of the University could participate in a sporting event like this was exiting. It would be better if people would give more attention to intramural events such as this.”

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