Googler Inspires Creative Ideas
Googler Inspires Creative Ideas
  • Reporter Ahn Joon-hyung
  • 승인 2009.09.23 17:07
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Kim Tae-won, Google Korea Creative Maximizer, gave a lecture to Postechians titled ‘Magic of Four Years, Magic of a Rectangle (Search Box)’ at the POSCO International Center on Sep. 11.

Author of the book, ‘Young Googler’s Letter to Dead Passion’, Kim is famous for living with great passion. When he was an undergraduate student, he participated in many project competitions, internship programs and club activities, and obtained excellent results. For example, he won a prize in the Hyundai BGF Competition and won an excellence prize in the KT&G Marketing League. He was selected as a Microsoft correspondent and was chosen as a Hite guest reporter. After years of effort, finally he became employed at Google, which is one of the most popular companies among job seekers.

In this talk, Kim explained how to make new business opportunities by using Google search statistical data. For example, search frequencies for the keyword ‘weight loss’ peak at the beginning of a year because most people decide to reduce their weight at the time of the New Year. From this data, we can expect that weight loss products would be in great demand at the beginning of the year.

Subsequently, Kim showed the audience some interesting advertisements, and explained how creative ideas can move people’s hearts. “Creative ideas are needed to students who study natural science and will  engineering as well as social science and  humanities.” He continued, “I hope you Postechians have a challenging mind and will be creative! Then you can set the world on fire!”

This lecture was prepared by the Entrepreneurs’ Network of POSTECH and there will be a further three lectures in this semester.

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