Let’s Go Abroad
Let’s Go Abroad
  • Reporter Ahn Joon-hyung
  • 승인 2009.09.23 17:00
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Overseas study program info-session held

The Overseas Study Program Information Session for Undergraduate Students was held at the POSCO International Center on Sep. 8 by the POSTECH International Relations Office. Intended to give detailed information about POSTECH’s Overseas Study Program, this session   attracted scores of students who were interested in the programs.

In the session, five sub-sessions were offered: the Overseas Internship Program, the Study Abroad Program, the Exchange Student Program, the Summer Session Program, and the AEARU(Association of East Asian Research Universities) Student Summer Camp. The person in charge of each program explained its details, and students got more information through questions and answers.

A student who joined in the Study Abroad Program session and the Exchange Students Program session said, “It was very useful for me because I could get practical information about two programs I am interested in. For example, I came to know there are huge differences in budget according to the region that I am going to.” He continued, “But I was sorry I could not participate in the other sessions due to my class schedule. If possible, I hope to have another chance to get more information about other programs.”

If you could not participate in the conference this time, you can contact POSTECH International Relations Office directly, and can get the information you need.

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