For the Journey of The Postech Times English
For the Journey of The Postech Times English
  • Professor Editor Sangjoon Park
  • 승인 2009.09.23 16:46
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▲ Professor Editor Sangjoon Park
I am very pleased to make this congratulatory address on the newly published The Postech Times English to all the members of POSTECH. It is very glorious for me as the professor editor to have seen various POSTECH members read the first edition of The Postech Times English here and there on campus.

Though there had been some thoughts of publishing The Postech Times English, the final decision was made at the reception table of the 20th anniversary of The Postech Times last winter. Since then, we have launched into building The Postech Times English. In only ten months we have elected a vice-professor editor and collected English reporters, and made a room which is well equipped with the necessary office supplies for publishing this newspaper. All these things have been done by the favor of many people, to whom I would like to express my deepest thanks.

The goals of our newspaper are very clear. As you know, campus globalization which forms a part of the POSTECH Vision 2020 is the first and main goal. The Postech Times English will be an effective medium to enhance the visibility of our university all over the world. Besides, the communication of all the POSTECH members is also our important goal. I believe that communication between Koreans and foreigners is the first step toward campus globalization. Open and free communication by way of our newspaper and homepage will lead to all kinds of communication composed of intimate, public, academic or administrative discourse.

I would like to state some plans or resolutions of The Postech Times English to achieve those goals.

Firstly, The Postech Times English will be a proactive newspaper. We will search and make news diligently instead of waiting for manuscripts. You will see English reporters easily all around the campus. Simultaneously, of course, we will give all the POSTECH members the chance to write any article. The Postech Times English is yours, so, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Secondly, our newspaper will persist and enhance the peculiarities that The Postech Times in Korean has shown for 21 years. The Postech Times English will maintain academic contents which should be carried in a university newspaper proper but nowadays can’t be found easily except in The Postech Times.

Finally, our newspaper will endeavor to fortify its cultural section. I think that globalization is not a unification which does not recognize cultural differences but an active interchange between cultures which keep their own characteristics. In short, The Postech Times English will try to show cultural diversity in various forms.

These resolutions are a kind of calling for all the members of The Postech Times English. According to this calling the journey of The Postech Times English began. There will be a road made by our footprints. My dream is that this road will be that of communication which leads to globalization. I wish our journey will be taken care of by all the members of POSTECH. In this way the goals mentioned above can be achieved.