The Postech Times English to Bring About Stronger Solidarity and Global Cachet
The Postech Times English to Bring About Stronger Solidarity and Global Cachet
  • President Sunggi Baik
  • 승인 2009.09.02 01:08
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Congratulatory Address for the foundation of The Postech Times English

▲ President Sunggi Baik
As Publisher of The Postech Times, I am pleased and excited to announce to all members of POSTECH the new publication of The Postech Times English.

Ever since its foundation in 1988, The Postech Times has played an instrumental role in chronicling POSTECH’s abridged but productive history, reporting on the developments and activities in and around the campus. Moreover, by delivering various voices to be heard, debated, and reflected in the University’s continued growth, The Postech Times has actively partaken in carving and chiseling the 20 years into what shaped POSTECH to be the leading research-oriented university of Asia.

Now, with the launch of Vision 2020, POSTECH has embarked upon the new challenge of growing out of the region and further advancing into a world top 20 research-oriented university by the year 2020. In such a quest, internationalization, on both levels of campus globalization and international visibility, is perhaps the most critical constituent.

POSTECH’s multilateral efforts in seeking a global environment at home as well as enhanced visibility abroad include active collaboration with the international partners, recruitment of top class international faculty and students, offering and financially supporting various internationalization programs for students, and engagement in diverse grounds of associations, fairs, and conferences of world higher education.

To this end, the new publication of The Postech Times English is only timely; it will open for the growing international population on campus the window to absorb the current affairs and issues of the University, offering a means to get further involved, speak their views, and weigh institutional policies as full-pledged Postechians. Furthermore, the new measure of propagation will play an immense part in international publicity as it will be available to much wider a readership across the world, promoting the prestige of POSTECH and its members.

Amidst such great expectations, it is my sincere hope that The Postech Times English will rise in significance and become a vital medium of communication among diverse representations of POSTECH in addition to assisting in bringing up the University’s global imprint.

I look forward to seeing The Postech Times English embark on its commencement with confidence and commitment. Your support and affection for the new publication will be much appreciated.

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