POSTECH Microscope: POSTECH Rowing Team
POSTECH Microscope: POSTECH Rowing Team
  • Reporter Jeong Ye-ji
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▲Jeon Hyun-jun(CE Graduate 23), Kwon Sung-gun(ME 20), Choi Jung-yoon(EE 19) Yoon Hee-chang (CE 19), Lee Sung-jae (Muenjae 23), and Lee Jae-guk (Muenjae 22) form left
▲Jeon Hyun-jun(CE Graduate 23), Kwon Sung-gun(ME 20), Choi Jung-yoon(EE 19) Yoon Hee-chang (CE 19), Lee Sung-jae (Muenjae 23), and Lee Jae-guk (Muenjae 22) form left

  Are you aware of the POSTECH Rowing team? Rowing is a water sport, racing in the water using oars. Unlike other sports events, rowing faces against the direction of the ship’s progress and crosses the finish line backwards.

  How was the POTESCH Rowing Team first established? 
  In 2016, The POSTECH rowing team was first established by the drive of the previous  President Kim Do Hyun. He had graduated from Seoul National University where he had joined the school rowing team. After he came to POSTECH he felt the need to promote a rowing team. 

  How much does it cost to maintain the  rowing program?
  Since the average rowing boat costs more than 100 million KRW, POSTECH invested almost 300 million KRW, in the first year. Ever since, POSTECH has provided 70 million KRW each year. Mainly it is used for the coach’s labor costs. Since we employ the coach from the outside it takes a certain portion of the finance. Also, in order to participate in rowing contests, we neef all sorts of expenses such as competition fee, transportation fees for the boats and so on. There is a reason why rowing is titled as the aristocratic sport. 

  What meaning does it give of POSTECH having a rowing team?
  Having a rowing team gives a great external significance. Big events such as winning an award at a competition or training in the Hyeong-san River give people a positive image of POSTECH.

  What are the main virtues for rowing?
  In rowing, nothing is more important than cooperation. Unlike skiing which is done alone, or football where a star player contributes a big role, rowing goes the fastest when the teamwork of the team becomes one. There is one match that I recall clearly. A few years ago, there was a women’s rowing competition. All four girls were very small and we didn’t really expect any prize. However, after several  rematches, they won second place! Our team was overjoyed and I still can remember that moment clearly. Like this, rowing does not need one star player. More than one outstanding athlete, the whole team stroking as one is much more crucial. That is the charm of rowing.  

  Are there any special plans for this year's rowing competition? 
  From June, third to fourth the POSTECH rowing team participated in the first Ulsan Mayor’s Cup Sports Coordination Competition. It was the first rowing contest we took part in over three years since Covid-19. It was held in Taehwa River in Unist and we obtained fine results of winning first place in Women’s individual 500m indoor rowing, Men’s Knucklefore University advanced to the 500m final, Men’s Team Indoor Rowing 200m (fifth place). 

  Any last words?
  I hope more students can join the POSTECH rowing team. There is also a class in physical education but it will be more concentrated on the basics of rowing. Since rowing is a sport in which the core and lower body strength are crucial, I hope students with good strength and a sense of rhythm can join the team!