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▲ POSTECH students at CES
▲ POSTECH students at CES

 The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is widely regarded as one of the most influential tech events in the world. Third-year students from POSTECH had the privilege to visit and participate in CES 2023, which took place in Winchester, Nevada from Jan. 5 to Jan. 8. Before participating in CES, POSTECH students traveled to the Valley of Fire State Park, the largest and most historic state park in Nevada. After touring Nevada’s famous park, POSTECH students started their tour with various affiliates from universities and tech companies.
 On the first day of CES, POSTECH students toured the CES while completing various missions. They visited the joint exhibition booths of POSTECH startups located in Eureka Park, enjoyed the stamp tours, and participated in the “PONIX and Photogenic” event. During CES, a dinner was also held to welcome the POSTECH students. The POSTECH Association of POSTECH Crown Companies (APGC) and Professor Sung Young Chul of the Department of Life Science made students feel comfortable and encouraged students throughout dinner.
 LG and Hyundai Mobis organized a VIP tour for pre-registered POSTECH students, who enjoyed a myriad of events from the world’s first wireless OLED TV to camera modules for self-driving cars. Students were also allowed to complete bingo puzzles to actively participate in the CES, which could then be used to trade in for many prizes also provided by POSTECH.
 One of the Best Innovation Awards of CES, which is given to outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products, was awarded to Graphene Square. This company is currently registered with CHANGeUp GROUND. A total of 34 out of Korea’s small and medium-sized venture companies received innovation awards at the CES, five of which are companies participating in POSCO Group’s exhibition hall. A POSCO representative explained, “The top innovation award is all the more meaningful because only 17 out of 2,200 companies around the world are awarded.”
 In addition, RIST, a research institute affiliated with POSCO, exhibited a metal microstructure analysis AI technology and a facility/structure soundness assessment solution. POSCO executives and employees planned to visit CES in person to examine innovative technologies and companies related to eco-friendly steel materials, secondary battery materials, hydrogen, and smart factories.
 Oh Joo-hwan, a student of the Department of Physics said, “This was an enlightening experience because I was able to witness how the concepts I learned in school are being used in the industry. I was especially impressed by the booth of the Nuvilab company. I felt that new technology trends are being combined with AI. For instance, an AI bowl can calculate the amount and the calories of food in a bowl.”
 President Moo Hwan Kim mentioned that students who entered the school in 2020 were not able to enjoy many educational benefits that POSTECH provided due to COVID-19, and thus, they were given the chance to visit CES 2023 and experience firsthand some of the leading tech industries in the world. Also, he added that he will listen to educational programs and directions that universities want us to introduce and reflect on them in a settlement based on what students learned at CES.