POSTECH Microscope: How Student Affairs Support Abroad Activities
POSTECH Microscope: How Student Affairs Support Abroad Activities
  • Reporter Kim Jin-Seong
  • 승인 2023.01.07 00:01
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▲Jong-woo Je, an Outbound Coordinator of Student Affairs
▲Jong-woo Je, an Outbound Coordinator of Student Affairs

 The opportunity to go abroad is regarded as one of the biggest advantages of being a Postechian. The Postech Times interviewed Jongwoo Je, an Outbound Coordinator of Student Affairs who oversees the Study Abroad program, to find out how the support system works in detail.

 Please introduce the tasks of the support system
 Regarding the Student Exchange Program, students who want to go on an exchange first need to be nominated by their home university. After the nomination, students then move on to the application process. I, as an outbound coordinator, support the students carrying out these procedures. 
 I also assist the students in receiving scholarships for studying abroad. POSTECH students going abroad can receive a scholarship from Student Affairs if they meet the requirements. And if the partner universities provide exchange students with scholarships, I provide support to make sure that our students can receive them.
 Finally, I oversee the selection process for the World Cultural Expedition Program and give the selected students scholarships for the expedition.
 Are there any difficulties?
 It is hard to deal with when our students get into trouble during exchange semesters. Students may encounter cultural and social difficulties during their studying abroad. Our team steps in to help the students if they are in an emergency. But since the students are far from us physically, we have no choice but to ask for help from the partner universities. If the situation cannot be resolved, then the ultimate option for us is then to take a flight and help the students directly. 
 Additional Information

 Students need to complete the application essay sincerely. We go through the initial screening through the essay and see if they are deemed eligible to study abroad. After the initial screening process, we rank all the students based on their English test Scores and their GPA. So, it is recommended that students receive high scores on their English tests and maintain a competitive GPA if they wish to study abroad at the university of their first choice. It is possible that the details will vary next year and we will announce any changes.

 Words for Postechians
 The Study-Abroad Program is an opportunity to grow into global talent by cultivating self-confidence and a spirit of challenge. I recommend applying to the universities according to their preference regardless of their English and GPA scores because it is hard to predict as the results vary every semester. So, I would like to tell our students this: “Do not overthink and go with your gut”. 
 Although there will be so many delightful and charming moments, there will also be many troubles and bothersome situations. Students are required to overcome these hardships. I, as an Outbound coordinator of POSTECH, will support the students with utmost care. If students hope to get more information, please feel free to contact me.