Homecoming: Once a Postechian Always a Postechian
Homecoming: Once a Postechian Always a Postechian
  • Reporter Kim Jin-Seong
  • 승인 2022.12.10 01:31
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▲Current and alumni POBBA members playing basketball
▲Current and alumni POBBA members playing basketball

 Homecoming is the tradition of celebrating the existence of an organization. Homecoming is one of POSTECH’s annual events. CHEERO, ELEVEN, POBBA, and TACHYONS welcomed back former members of the club and celebrated in their own unique ways.
 The Postech Times visited the POSTECH basketball club, POBBA’s homecoming, and interviewed alumni members of POBBA. More than 60 young boys (YB) and old boys (OB) participated in the homecoming event. The main event, a basketball game between YB and OB, was held at the POSTECH gym basketball court on Nov. 19. Students and graduates ate and drank together after the game. 
 The Postech Times interviewed Seung-gon Kim who graduated from POSTECH’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and is now researching fuel cells, Ki-duk Han who graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering and is now researching semiconductors and Won-huk Lee who just graduated from the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering and is now a Front-end Developer.
 About POSTECH’s Sports Club, Seung-gon Kim said that “Students might get engrossed in studying in a rural and a research-oriented university like POSTECH. However, a sports club may be a chance to work out with passion and form close relationships between students of different ages.” He added, “In the 90s, before the POSTECH-Kaist, Science War, there was a club exchange exhibition between the two schools. Back then, club members participated in a national tournament, the annual tournament between departments, and games between other local clubs. These competitions and exchanges are fond memorable experiences of our college days. Those were the good times.”
 Ki-duk Han said, “POSTECH's athletic club seems to be one of the few good things for students to give it their all, something people could enjoy during their youth. POBBA members go to the summer training camp, but in a way, a month of summer break is a big time for students. Some may find the time wasted but there was no regret at all. It was a joyful time to learn about sports that I am really into and make friends who are like brothers.” He added, “There may be tough clubs and students might think it is a loss from the aspect of studying. However, if students enjoy the activity and are going to participate actively, they might as well do it right. Students should have fun, work well with each other, and truly enjoy their youthful days.”
 About POSTECH’s Homecoming, Ki-duk Han said, “In the 2010s, POBBA also had a homecoming. As a junior, students could listen to how graduates worked out in the past, or learn about one’s career. As a graduate, homecoming is a spontaneous opportunity to get back together with close friends, exercise, enjoy each other’s company and eat. It is lucky for old members that current members contacted the old boys, arranged times, and prepared for this chance to meet friends and play basketball even after graduation.”
 Seung-gon Kim said “Although not all clubs have a chance to hold a homecoming, it is a meaningful culture. POSTECH’s homecoming is unique in the way that undergraduates and graduates build exchanges, even of classes 20 years apart.”
 Won-hak Lee said, “As much as POBBA was tough, I was able to make close friends. Members sometimes vomited, inhaled chicken after training, and spent the summer break together. These were small events but offered us a certain happiness. As students graduate and get out into the job market, it is harder than I imagined to meet club members. Meeting college friends back in Pohang and playing basketball is an invaluable and joyful event.”