Lectures by PICE
Lectures by PICE
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▲Global Korean I by PICE
▲Global Korean I by PICE

 Are you looking to become a more educated civilian? One excellent place to start is by visiting POSTECH Institute for Civic Educations' (PICE) website. PICE, led by Professor Jung-Ah Woo (Division of Humanities and Social Sciences), has been educating POSTECH students and the citizens of Pohang through providing high quality lectures from 2019. Since then, multiple programs with lectures on civic and cultural education have been held at POSTECH every semester. There are currently three program areas under PICE: civic education for future society, cultural civic course with lectures by experts and leaders in different parts of society, and civic education course consisting of 'revisiting classic literature', 'daily writing', 'HENSA (Humanities, Engineering, Natural Science, and Art)', and 'Square of Intelligence'.
 The main program conducted by PICE is the cultural civic course. Every semester, one program is held and announced through POSTECH’s newsletter. Starting from the program 'I am an author I' in the first semester of 2019, there have been a total of seven programs. In the program 'I am an author I' and the preceding program 'I am an author II', active authors in various fields gave a lecture on how their majors and genres are related to their work along with the meaning of writing in our generation. Over the courses, PICE hosted six lectures in each course and concluded with Prof. Woo handing out the certificate of participation in the 7th week of each program. 
 After the first program successfully ended in the second semester of 2019, PICE planned to launch their second program, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the outset. Their program recommenced in the second semester of 2019 under the title 'My works and my life I and II'. Throughout the course, instructors who achieved great feats in diverse fields gave a talk about the area they have worked in. Ban Ki-moon, the eighth secretary-general of the UN, was invited to give the second lecture of the course under the name 'Climate crisis and human crisis response'. After this, a program named 'Asking the way of mind' proceeded until the first semester of 2022. 
 Along with the cultural civic course, lectures were given in the civic education courses as well. This year, PICE celebrated POSTECH’s first SF Day by inviting six different science fiction (SF) authors including Kim Cho-yeob. Currently, the program under the civic and cultural course is titled 'Global Korean I'. In 2020 and 2021, courses were conducted on zoom and were altered to in-person in 'My works and my life II'. The course was held at Change-Up Ground with 49 seats. This semester, total of 250 people can register on PICE’s website (pice.postech.ac.kr). Citizens of POSTECH can list the whole program for 100,000 KRW or each course for 20,000 KRW. The registering fee is free for POSTECH students
 In 'Global Korean I', lecturers who represent Korea in diverse areas have come or are planning to give a lecture every two weeks. The schedule consists of Korean virtuoso in modern arts, Park Seo-bo and Starbucks Korea’s CEO, Song David Ho-sup. PICE is also recruiting PICE friends to write the summary and review of the lecture for people who couldn’t attend the lecture.
 One student from POSTECH who wished to stay anonymous said he greatly enjoyed the lectures given by PICE. He was especially enlightened by the lectures given by SF authors and learned how modern SF novels do not need to revolve around future-oriented technology. PICE is planning to continuously host many programs including the upcoming 'Global Korean II'. Students and citizens of Pohang that are interested in such programs are warmly welcomed to come and broaden their view of the world or learn about others and their lives.