The Eve Festival of the 2022 KPSW
The Eve Festival of the 2022 KPSW
  • Reporter Lee Seung-ah
  • 승인 2022.10.03 01:49
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▲CHEERO cheering team during the eve festival event
▲CHEERO cheering team during the eve festival event

The 2022 KAIST-POSTECH Science War (KPSW) was held from Sept. 23 to Sept. 24. Since it was the long-waited offline KPSW after two years of the cyber KPSW due to COVID-19, the KPSW arrangements committee worked hard for the preparation, and students were excited to join the on-campus KPSW. Since the 2019 PKSW was held on the KAIST campus, in rotation, the 2022 KPSW was held on the POSTECH campus, and teams and supporters were invited from KAIST.
To celebrate the KPSW, the eve festival was held in the POSTECH Sports Hall on Sept. 22. Before the main events of the eve festival started, the KPSW arrangements committee distributed the supporters’ items, including T-shirts, cheering tools, and more. Starting at 7 P.M., the Vice President of Admissions and Student Affairs, Professor Gunsu Yun (DANE and PHYS), delivered a congratulatory message, followed by the introduction of each team. The football team, AI team, e-sports team, and the hacking team were the first four teams that competed on Sept. 23. The baseball team, science quiz team, and the basketball team were the three teams that competed on the second day.
For the next 10 minutes, the KPSW advisory committee introduced the eve festival events. Two events were held during the eve festival: the POKA-Toto and the Nth visitor event. The POKA-Toto was held for the two days of the KPSW, which was a type of event—as its name “Toto” indicates—predicting the victory or defeat for each seven games. The winner who predicted the seven game’s winner and the winner of the KPSW, were awarded a prize. The Nth visitor event was for the eve festival only: the attendees for the eve festival were each given a numbered ticket when entering the auditorium, which was used as a lottery ticket during the eve festival.
Right after the introduction of the events, there was an additional 10 minutes of introductions for the booths that were held on the first day of the KPSW. The booths prepared for the KPSW were the club booth, the KPSW arrangements committee booth, the POKA-exchange booth, and the beer party booth. From 5 P.M. to 11 P.M. on Sept. 23, the booths were open for the attendees of the KPSW. The beer party was held from 9 P.M. to 11 P.M on Sept. 23.
Afterwards, CHEERO, the POSTECH cheering team, had a performance orientation with supporters for about an hour. CHEERO performed several cheers, mostly based on teaching the supporters how to join the cheering songs, since the KPSW was the biggest offline event of the past three years. The leader of CHEERO said, “For the past two years, there were some activities restricted due to COVID-19. Among those is the cheering activity. We hope that all Postechians will be united and cheer for POSTECH’s victory.”
After the CHEERO performances, there were club performances from 9:30 P.M. to 10:50 P.M. The clubs that participated for the performance were BLUE PEANUTS, VOCES, and STEELER. The eve festival ended at 11 P.M., filling the auditorium with great enthusiasm and passion for the next two days of the official KPSW.