Microscope: Chief of the KPSW Advisory Committee
Microscope: Chief of the KPSW Advisory Committee
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▲Lee Kyeong-min (CSE 19)
▲Lee Kyeong-min (CSE 19)

What motivated you to become chief of the POSTECH-KAIST Science War advisory committee?
I have experienced a lot of advisory committees since my freshman year, and while doing so, I felt a tremendous amount of pleasure and accomplishment in planning events like this. When I was a leader of the camera team of PKSW advisory committee last year, it was hard initially because the chief was selected late and the committee was also built late. Considering this, when I decided to join here, I applied for the chief’s position. I resolved to lead the committee well by directly serving as a chief.

What work do you do as a chief?
The most important things are forming a committee and members. I also directed each team’s task and hosted the internal meetings. Externally, I contacted various teams of the university’s departments, outside enterprises, and the PKSW advisory committee in KAIST.

What were the pros and cons of the preparation?
Student cultures were shrinking due to COVID-19, but this event is face-to-face and may affect future events. It burdened me, yet I was more fulfilled and liked this. The difficult thing was that holding the PKSW in Pohang is the first time in four years since it was held face-to-face for the first time in three years and took place alternately on both campuses. In my case, it is the first time experiencing the PKSW in Pohang. Students who experienced it in 2018 rarely exist, and it means a lack of data. It was the hardest thing to prepare for the event based on previous experience. To resolve it, I received helps from university departments and student unions.

This it is the first face-to-face PKSW in three years; what is the difference from the previous one?
Games and events are like previous ones. However, the stage was moved from the 78 stairs to the gymnasium. Booths and food trucks are prepared at the square in front of POSPLEX. I think that the main stage being moved to the gym and around it is the biggest difference. The e-Sports colosseum is also a different point. While the previous game proceeded at the Internet café, this match will be the first e-Sports match held there.

What are your expectations for this PKSW?
It's been a long time since students enjoyed face-to-face PKSW, and most students who experienced it have already graduated. The students who will enjoy this PKSW will meet it face-to-face for the first time. I hope that through this festival, they make good memories, and continue the exchange between students and PKSW’s cultures which were disconnected due to social distancing.

What would you like to say to the school members who will enjoy the festival?
As we prepared for the festival for the first time in three years, committee members (including myself), many unions on campus, university members, and professors really did our best. I want this event to be a source of good and fun memories, but we should still be cautious for COVID-19 yet, so I hope it would be a safe festival. Recently, Pohang was damaged by a typhoon. I expect this PKSW to be a comfort to those who suffered losses from the typhoon.