Building Renovations Underway
Building Renovations Underway
  • Reporter Yim O-Jung
  • 승인 2022.03.29 03:02
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▲POSTECH dormitory
▲POSTECH dormitory

While many students were away from campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, POSTECH prepared various facility renovations for the convenience of students. Renovations were carried out on many different buildings all over campus.

Dormitory Renovation
As many students have experienced, the Housing Service Team continued to remodel the dormitory buildings. Most dormitories were built in the early days of POSTECH, and the environment is improving through annual remodeling. So far, 19 dormitories have been remodeled, and dormitory building 14 has undergone renovations since 2021, which is part of a long-term plan.
Specifically, dormitory building 14 has been changed into a complex living space that includes the function of a community center, unlike existing dormitories. The building has a variety of community spaces on the first and second floors, including a gym, lounge, cinema room, meditation room, dining room, and reading room, while single rooms are located on the third and fourth floors. Each room is divided into three types: A, B, and C, with a total of 12 male and 11 female rooms. Students can live in the community center for up to two semesters, but only juniors and seniors can apply. The application process was carried out in March, and the first move-in is scheduled for early April.

Tae-Joon Park Library Renovation
The library also displays a new look for Postechians. The library has already undergone first renovations last year. For the current renovation, a convenience store and Coffee Nearme will be built on the first floor of the library. Students were able to get food from “Cheongam Wibee Café” or vending machines, but “Cheongam Wibee Café” was closed during the remodeling process last year. Nevertheless, it seems that students will be able to get food more comfortably in the library building. According to the Academic Information Resources team, the convenience store and café will open in late April or early May.
On the second floor of the library where the Tae-Joon Park Institute was located, “the Historical Museum” (tentatively named) will be built. It will be built to mark the 35th anniversary of the school’s opening, and exhibition content focusing on POSTECH’s history are presently being prepared. The renovation on the second floor is still in progress, so please avoid the construction site and check school notices relating to construction to prevent safety issues. According to the team, the Historical Museum will be completed this August.

In addition, the POSTECH e-Sports COLOSSEUM will be built on the first floor of the Ji-gok Community Center for students’ leisure activities. These days, in many ways, campuses have moved online, and students’ daily life transcends borders and time zones. Postechians are looking forward to playing at “Metaverse” and studying at “Metaversity” together. POSTECH would be the first university in Korea which owns an e-Sports COLOSSEUM on campus. In a previous interview, President Moo Hwan Kim said, “It is expected to be a place for leisure for students to enjoy together like a sports bar where American college students enjoy baseball, basketball, and football with beer.”