POSTECH’s Entrepreneurial Opportunities: All You Have to Do Is Start
POSTECH’s Entrepreneurial Opportunities: All You Have to Do Is Start
  • Reporter Kim San
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▲CHANGeUP GROUND maker space empowers young visionaries to quickly and easily prototype their ideas / HelloDD
▲CHANGeUP GROUND maker space empowers young visionaries to quickly and easily prototype their ideas / HelloDD

While there are numerous events and opportunities to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, the sheer diversity could be disorienting for those starting out. This article sums up the key resources available on campus.

Undergraduate Research Program (UGRP)
The UGRP is funded by the POSTECH Innovation Center for Education and is open for all undergraduates except for those who are on leave or on extra semesters. The program provides funding and guidance for students to realize their ideas that would otherwise be financially and technically infeasible. In a group of three or more students, they are assigned with an advisor of their choice and research funding of up to 2,000,000 KRW. The team has the freedom to formulate the research question according to their interest within the program’s comprehensive research theme: development of an application, venture project, conducting experiments of theories in Natural Science and smart campus-related services. Starting from the end of April, the teams submit their initial research plans and carry out research over the course of the next ten months. By the end, they should complete their research, a final report and a video that sums up the progress. A detailed announcement of this year’s UGRP schedule will be posted on POVIS in March. For additional information, refer to the following website .

APGC-Lab and POSTECH Tech Review
The Association of POSTECH Grown Companies (APGC-Lab) and POSTECH Tech Review are student organizations that hold entrepreneurial seminars and contests. Their main goal is connecting POSTECH entrepreneur alumni with students starting out their entrepreneurial journey to provide mentorship. In addition, the “Ideaton” – a hackathon-like event where participants formulate and pitch their business ideas – provides a good starting point for those brimming with ideas who lack human connections or technical skills to turn those ideas into reality. Those who have been successful in the Ideaton are given further opportunities to participate in the APGC-Lab’s Customer Discovery program supervised by Professor Ribin Seo. Quoting the active APGC-Lab member and the host of this year’s Ideaton, “there are abundant opportunities to make meaningful human connections through seminars and events that we host. And our alumni are extremely forthcoming and supportive which is a unique advantage of a small university. There is strong financial and human support for students with the right entrepreneurial desire to get them started on the right path.” For further information, refer to their social media. In addition, the POSTECH Student Entrepreneurship team hosts a plethora of entrepreneurial competitions that are larger in scale. Detailed information about those competitions could be found on their website .

Maker Space
POSTECH Maker Space is located on the 3rd floor of CHANGeUP GROUND and on the underground floor of the C5 building. There is a wide range of tools from commercial 3D printers to heavy-duty Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines all free and open for use to POSTECH members after reservation. On their website, there are online tutorials guiding the usage of a few basic tools. Complete the tutorials and pass a simple test to be granted access to those machines. Otherwise, complete a course on Makers Introduction CITE215 to be granted access to heftier (more dangerous but fun) tools in the shop. Links to the tutorials and information about the available tools can be found on their website .