Work to Uproot Power-Tripping in POSTECH
Work to Uproot Power-Tripping in POSTECH
  • Reporter Lee Ji-Hwan
  • 승인 2022.03.29 02:53
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▲Power-tripping / Joongang
▲Power-tripping / Joongang

From Feb. 21 to Feb. 22, the POSTECH Audit and Inspection department published a school newsletter about their “World Cup of Power-Tripping Incidents on Campus.” The POSTECH audit and inspections department works to create a culture of compliance throughout the campus. They have organized multiple events last year, including this world cup and the fourth POSTECH quiz on ethics and integrity for the students.
The term power-tripping might seem less familiar compared to its Korean translation: gapjil. Power-tripping is one of the greatest problems in the workplace around Korea. Korea developed with Confucianism ideals where respecting elders is mandatory, but unfortunately, some people exploit this respect. The POSTECH Audit and Inspection department has and will continue to work on eradicating power-tripping, with this world cup being a clear example.
To participate in the “World Cup of Power-Tripping Incidents on Campus” school members submitted a form at POSTECH survey, and anyone could submit a description of an incident in which they experienced power-tripping. A total of 289 students and 116 staff participated, and on Feb. 23, the Audit and Inspection department uploaded the results in the school newsletter. The results consisted of two parts: power-tripping experienced by staff and by students. They grouped the submitted experiences into eight categories and ranked them by the number of submitted experiences.
The category that contained the greatest number of power-tripping experiences in the staff’s section was vocal abuse and enforcement of dress policies. An informant stated that they experienced a senior scowling, “Why can’t you ever get your job done? Also, I cannot stand the smell of your make-up. Don’t put on make-up from tomorrow.” The school newsletter only contained details on the category ranked first but The Postech Times received more information about the experiences in the second and third categories. The second category was mockery and not giving credit for achievements, and the third was asking for personal favors during work. Incidents in this category included a senior stating that an informant should not have taken paternity leave or a senior requesting them to buy tights for her.
In the students’ section, the first-ranked category was mockery and not giving credit for achievements. An informant shared their experience about opening up on their disappointment after receiving negative reviews about a project they worked very hard on for a senior. The senior replied that it was because the informant was not qualified enough. The second category was older colleagues acting condescendingly, and vocal abuse and enforcement of a dress policy ranked third. Experiences in these categories include a senior enforcing younger colleagues to greet them formally or point out their skirts as inappropriate openly in public.
POSTECH, as a research-oriented university, consists of multiple laboratories with a unique working environment and various necessary departments. While the POSTECH Audit and Inspection department will continue their work to make a better campus, it is also important for all members of POSTECH to play their role in making POSTECH free from any forms of power-tripping.